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Neway offers a variety of services to our global customer base that will enhance the experience of purchasing valves from Neway and add value to your investment from pre-sales consultancy to continuous aftersales service. To enhance our global support & service capabilities, we have established 5 fully-owned subsidiaries and have partnered with 22 maintenance & repair shops worldwide. Global clients and business partners can rely on the international scale of Neway’s 24/7 global support and fast track on-site service options.



With over 200 experienced technical engineers, specialized in valve solutions, Neway will review valve specifications and services to provide fit for purpose valve selection, application support, as well as customized valve solutions. With our technical expertise, application engineers are available for site visits to review issues and provide comprehensive recommendations to evaluate difficult flow control conditions.


As an added value to our clients, Neway will meet with customers to provide training and guidance on important issues such as valve technology, proper maintenance, operation, preservation, and handling. In addition, we regularly organize technical & quality seminars to enhance the exchange between Neway and our clients.

Commissioning & Start up

Neway offers prestart-up application support during project commissioning which ranges from valve inspection, oversight of installation, to system analysis before start-up, as well as long-term periodic follow-up of installed valves. With our professional support, we can ensure the prolonged service life of your Neway valve products.

Aftersales Service

With our global service network, Neway offers our clients the operational support available for technical, commercial, application, in plant inspection, or to immediately address any product concerns. We strive to keep close cooperation with our customers, providing long term service for all Neway products.

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