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Neway Awarded Contract to Supply Offshore Wind Project in Northern Europe


Recently, Neway was officially awarded the contract to supply manual & actuated Ball, GGC, and Butterfly valves with stainless steel, duplex, super duplex, and titanium materials for a major renewable energy - offshore wind project in Northern Europe. All valves will be designed and manufactured in accordance with NORSOK specifications. As one of the few authorized manufacturers, Neway has been approved by NORSOK since 2012 and has continuously extended its certificate over the past 8 years. Neway’s advanced technology, stringent quality control, project team expertise, and vast supply references in offshore industries propelled Neway to win the client’s confidence and award this offshore wind project.

Offshore wind energy is limitless and renewable. The development of offshore wind power is of great significance for improving the energy structure, protecting the ecological environment, ensuring energy security, and supporting the sustainable development of our world. This project will be able to provide 4.5 million UK homes with renewable wind power every year - around 5% of the UK’s electricity needs when completed. Neway’s participation in this project not only demonstrates the strength of our comprehensive industrial valve solutions and abundant experience in the offshore industry, but also our determination and effort to support the ongoing development of global renewable energy.




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